Venue West – Perth Stadium 


Head Office:

Perth, Australia


Facility Management

Company Size:

250 employees (Australia)

VenuesWest owns and manages Western Australia’s best sport and entertainment venues on behalf of the State Government. Their portfolio currently consists of 13 venues including Optus Stadium and RAC Arena.

Scope Of Work:

At the conclusion of construction and commissioning of Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium), a new state of the art facility, there was significant media and public interest in concerning lead levels in water from some drinking water outlets associated with stadium. VenuesWest engaged Ecosafe to undertake a HACCP risk assessment and to develop a comprehensive Water Quality Management Plan to ensure that all aspects of water quality, including lead of levels in the water, were being well managed. Ecosafe also prepared a range of water quality incident response protocols to ensure that VenuesWest were well prepared to respond in the event of any likely adverse water quality incident.

Project Outcome:

The Water Quality Management Plan developed by Ecosafe enabled VenuesWest to demonstrate to all those concerned, including the media, the public, the Department of Health and the Parliament, that there was a comprehensive plan in place to ensure safe water was delivered throughout Optus Stadium. This document demonstrated that VenuesWest were doing their due diligence as per the requirements of the Public Health Act 2016 and ensuring that all aspects of water quality management were being addressed to ensure that all those using the new facility were being provided with safe water.