Only 5 Weeks Left! Completion of Gap Analysis for AS4187

With only a few more weeks left to complete your water gap analysis for achieving compliance with AS4187, ensure that you secure your site inspection today.

As a Facility Manager are you finding yourself asking or saying any of the following:

  • What parameters should I be testing for?
  • Who is responsible for achieving final rinse quality, Facilities or CSSD or the Manufacturer?
  • I don’t know my battery limits.
  • How do I assess if the supply water is to an acceptable quality for Washer Disinfectors, AERs and Steam Sterilisers?

Ecosafe Support Offering

AS 4187 Water Quality Compliance Gap Analysis (by June 2021)

  • Determine site-specific water quality requirements based on AS 4187 and manufacturer recommendations
  • Determination of battery limits through a roles and responsibility workshop for key stakeholders such as engineering/facilities management, infection control or other end use operators
  • Independent assessment of water supply treatment systems and provision of a simplified Process Flow Diagram with designated sample points identified.


























Download your AS/NZS 4187 Compliance Journey information PDF: here.

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