Water Quality Awareness Training

Water Quality Awareness Training

Ecosafe is able to generate and deliver site specific Drinking Water Quality Awareness Training for all individuals involved with operation, maintenance and management of drinking water quality.

Our courses are designed to complement the Nationally-Accredited Certificate II and Certificate III Courses in Water Operations. All training modules include certificates of attendance. The training modules are tailored to suit the specific audience and range from senior executive training to hands on operator training.

A poorly managed drinking water system can result in significant impacts to not only health, but also business operations and it is hence vital that water systems are effectively managed. Gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to represent your workplace and carry out the responsibilities required, in one of our courses.

Some of our courses include:

  • Water Quality Awareness in Operations
  • Water Quality Awareness in Construction
  • Water Sampling & Monitoring
  • Effective Water Disinfection Techniques
  • Water Quality Results & Interpretation
  • Recycled Water Awareness
  • Legionella Awareness
  • Drinking Water Awareness
  • Health Care / Hospital Water Quality
  • Water Hygiene Awareness Training

Training Locations:

For more information: View Training Capability Statement

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