Need to be AS/NZS 4187 compliant?

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AS/NZS 4187

Achieving Compliance Timeframe

June 2021

  • Completion of a gap analysis
    • To determine current levels of compliance with AS/NZS 4187

December 2021

  • Development & documentation of an implementation plan
    • To specify timeframes, milestones and deliverables used to support implementation for AS/NZS 4187

December 2022

  • Compliance with water monitoring requirements
  • Compliance with requirements to cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising equipment

December 2023

  • Compliance with requirement to segregate clean and dirty activities


Where we can assist in achieving compliance

  • Helping to achieve an understanding of the requirements

  • Developing a site-specific testing regime

  • Undertaking independent on-site sampling, using an agreed upon sampling methodology (developed in conjunction with Infection Control)
  • Offering training


Support Offering

AS 4187 Water Quality Compliance Gap Analysis (by June 2021)

  • Determine site-specific water quality requirements based on AS 4187 and manufacturer recommendations
  • Determination of battery limits through a roles and responsibility workshop for key stakeholders such as engineering/facilities management, infection control or other end use operators
  • Independent assessment of water supply treatment systems and provision of a simplified Process Flow Diagram with designated sample points identified


Additional Support

  • Implementation Plan Cloud-Based Action Tracker
  • Independent facilitation, chairing and minuting of regular (quarterly/6 monthly or as required) meetings to discuss and demonstrate progress of the Implementation Plan
  • Incident Response Protocol flowchart summarising remedial actions required and by whom following non-compliant results
  • Independent cost/benefit analysis of proposed water treatment systems
  • Development of an equipment-specific sampling procedure
  • AS 4187 water quality awareness training session (on-line module)


Support navigating your AS_NZS 4187 Compliance Journey

Download your AS/NZS 4187 Compliance Journey information PDF: here.


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