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We are a dynamic and independent risk management consultancy, specialising in water, environment and health.

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Key Sectors We Serve


Health Care

We offer specialised water safety and auditing services that meet the unique requirements of both the public and private health care sector.


We engage with companies operating out of ports around the world to help them ensure their water practices are operationally safe and compliant with the varying cross-border legislative requirements unique to the industry.

Aged Care

We work with organisations serving the elderly in our community to ensure that the water used within the care that is provided is as safe as it can be.

Offshore / Oil & Gas

We work alongside some of the regions largest multi-nationals to ensure that their operations are compliant.


We offer water use, treatment, recycling and sanitation consultancy and auditing services to help one of the largest water consuming sectors operate safely and responsibly.


We engage with business of all sizes to support their efforts in being responsible, safe and compliant with their water use.

Ecosafe International - Ryan Milne

Ryan Milne, Ecosafe International Director

About Us


Ecosafe International is a dynamic and independent risk management consultancy which focuses on the interface between water and health across the water cycle.

We have a proven track record and pride ourselves on the provision of practical risk based solutions across the mining, oil and gas, aged and healthcare, maritime, institutional and commercial sectors. Our independence ensures our clients receive sound, balanced advice upon which to base management decisions.

Our Clients


Ecosafe International prides itself on our partnerships and long lasting relationships with our clients. Some of our clients include:

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