Water Efficiency

There are increasing pressures to reduce water usage from statutory, sustainability and cost efficiency perspectives. Ecosafe International is well positioned to assist with better understanding and improving your current water usage and water use efficiency. Our team includes Water Corporation accredited ‘Waterwise Specialists’.

Ecosafe International has extensive experience in the evaluation water efficiency across site including cooling towers. Although cooling towers are effective heat rejection devices, they typically use large volumes of water (may utilise up to 50 % of a site’s total water usage), which in most cases is of potable / drinking water quality. This water usage has the potential to have a significant (and ever increasing) impact on resources including overall operational costs.

Ecosafe Adding Value to Water Efficiency

Ecosafe International will be able to assist you to undertake site specific water efficiency audits and investigations as well as highlight the associated water efficiency improvement opportunities.
In addition Ecosafe International has a wealth of experience surrounding the holistic assessment of on-site water efficiency and the development of site specific Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMP) and Water Action Plans .


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